Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the importance of cafes

Statistical evidence suggests a correlation between caffeine and startup company success. I was sitting at a local coffee shop in Boulder this morning, going over some thorny research issues and wild ass product ideas with one of my lead engineers when it occurred to me. All of the companies that I've been in that have been successful have had close proximity to good coffee. The thesis would be that the further your company is from good coffee the less chance you have of success. We would need to further constrain this thesis to high tech companies, since this is the only industry in which I have a reasonable amount of history.

This is somewhat akin to the correlation between ice cream sales and warm weather. Where good coffee shops exist with free internet, good techies exist. It is the natural habitat of the tech savvy, high energy, startup type.

Within two blocks of my office there are 4 really good coffee shops. Success is just around the corner :)

My favorite is The Cup at 15th and Pearl.

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