Monday, May 28, 2007

Firsts are always the best

I experienced two firsts with my kids today. The first first was running in the Bolder Boulder this morning with my daughter. She is eight years old and it was the first time running it for either of us. It was just an awesome day. The birds were singing, the bands were playing, we were shot with super soakers about every three tenths of a mile. We ran it in 99 minutes and she finished strong going into the stadium with tens of thousands of people cheering. We saw half naked Santas, couples getting married, super heros, princesses, and a fairly representative cross-section of running humanity out on the streets of Boulder today. Tonight, when I tucked her into bed she asked, "Dad, that was great running in the race today. Can we do it again next year?", and quickly fell off to sleep. Yes dear, we can run that race together as long as I have breath left in me. I had a great time and you made it special.

The second first was taking my one year old son to the pool. He immediately took to the water and wasn't scared for an instant, just fascinated, bordering on "irrational exuberance." He laughed and played, for perhaps about 10 minutes too long. I know this because we had to warm him up with a number of towels and hold him until his lips returned to their full rosy color.

I love seeing the world through my kids eyes. It immediately lifts the veil of bullshit and cynicism that makes us adults so myopic to the wonder of the world around us. I think this is what Buddhists refer to as Mindfulness.

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