Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I was checking out tweetstats today and realized that it's a fairly good indicator of things I've focused on over the last year and perhaps I could use this as a mirror to reflect on what I might do differently in 2009. I've included the Wordle for 2008 along with a litany of words I would like to appear more/less in 2009.

(deep breath), here goes...

2009 resolution words:
  • fun - while I had a lot of fun in 2008 I apparently didn't tweet enough about them. Next year the fun will be more celebrated.
  • socialmedia - at the core of my business. This was actually fairly big so really trying to continue the trend. I hope to tweet or retweet what's going down in this area.
  • run, swim, bike - all words that will symbolize (my obvious ;) preparedness for some tbd tri event in 2009.
  • metrics - collective intellect is an analytics company. I want to start pushing out some of the more interesting and curious metrics we uncover in the social media landscape
  • meeting - these are fairly mandatory, but hopefully can do with less of them in 2009 and more action
  • blog - retweets of great found blog posts and especially more of my own blog posts
  • writing - ahem, yeah, I need to do more of this overall. not just blogs, but poetry and more (sort of a teaser, I know).
  • music - love finding new artists to listen to. Let's ramp this up a bit ... with a little help from my friends.
  • sucks - seeking balance. post more on the useless, inane, amateur, unfriendly, buzzkill encounters with life. honesty and transparency with humor.
  • yoga - I think I'm destined for this one. I've had a few people wanting to get me into some yoga moves. Do I not look flexible enough??
See you in 2009!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boulder Ignite 2

With Ignite2 just around the corner, had to give my home girl Tara some props for getting up and giving this presentation comparing the tech startup to doing comedy at the previous Boulder Ignite. I wasn't able to attend the first one but this video is brilliant. Sorry I missed it Tara and will see you all tomorrow night at numero dos.


In early November I had the pleasure of attending the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) conference out in lovely Las Vegas. Aside from my streak of bad luck in the Vegas casinos the event was fun, well run, informative, and laden with people wanting to crack the social media code for developing and running a successful word of mouth marketing campaign. There were widget companies, PR firms, advertising firms, SEO, SEM, measurement firms, affiliate network companies, and damn near everything in between. But the hottest thing had to be the dog parked in the lot.

The Oscar Meyer wienermobile has been around something like 70 years and still generates smiles, cameras, pointing, and now tweeting. I befriended two of this year's hotdoggers and got the total legit ride in the wienermobile down the strip. The song was blaring and people were looking. This thing just screams word of mouth. well done hotdoggers, well done :)

For those who care the wienermobile blog is alive and well and tracking the vehicle's trajectory at

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

VU Meter Flicker Sound

I have dozens of poems and not sure where to go about publishing them, so at risk of alienating the entrepreneur/technologist/socialmedia/triathlon crowd ;) perhaps I'll put a few here. Any and all feedback welcome.

A VU meter flickers.
Out of habit
I cannot walk
Or cry, or shout.
I can no longer
Walk along the deserts
Or tropics of your
In code we trust.
No longer taught
By the hands, the lips,
The bones of our elders.
Indeterminancy corrupts
The spirit yields
To non life forms
Now mobile and embedded
In our structures.
With prescient care she approaches
Wan and recently lost
From the umbilical pixels
Born anew into
Smooth and painful
Analog space.
Her hand now upon my chest
Exploring downward
Hoping for acceptance
Teeth bared I'm
Awakened Awakened
To this new world of old.

copyright 2008 Tim Wolters

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