Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I was checking out tweetstats today and realized that it's a fairly good indicator of things I've focused on over the last year and perhaps I could use this as a mirror to reflect on what I might do differently in 2009. I've included the Wordle for 2008 along with a litany of words I would like to appear more/less in 2009.

(deep breath), here goes...

2009 resolution words:
  • fun - while I had a lot of fun in 2008 I apparently didn't tweet enough about them. Next year the fun will be more celebrated.
  • socialmedia - at the core of my business. This was actually fairly big so really trying to continue the trend. I hope to tweet or retweet what's going down in this area.
  • run, swim, bike - all words that will symbolize (my obvious ;) preparedness for some tbd tri event in 2009.
  • metrics - collective intellect is an analytics company. I want to start pushing out some of the more interesting and curious metrics we uncover in the social media landscape
  • meeting - these are fairly mandatory, but hopefully can do with less of them in 2009 and more action
  • blog - retweets of great found blog posts and especially more of my own blog posts
  • writing - ahem, yeah, I need to do more of this overall. not just blogs, but poetry and more (sort of a teaser, I know).
  • music - love finding new artists to listen to. Let's ramp this up a bit ... with a little help from my friends.
  • sucks - seeking balance. post more on the useless, inane, amateur, unfriendly, buzzkill encounters with life. honesty and transparency with humor.
  • yoga - I think I'm destined for this one. I've had a few people wanting to get me into some yoga moves. Do I not look flexible enough??
See you in 2009!

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