Tuesday, April 18, 2006

polyphasic sleep

My son was born just 10 days ago now and I've been experimenting a bit with sleep deprivation, or rather the prevention of. We're getting about 3 blocks of 2 hours worth of sleep each night, which when taken together is really not that bad. But the fact that it is interrupted seems to make a big difference. I do get up and do a bit of work while Mason is satisfying the most primal of infant urges, which probably keeps me up longer than if I were to be very efficient with helping and then lapse immediately back to sleep but what fun would that be :)

I have noticed in this short time that if I can take two power naps (20-30min) during the day, one in late morning and one late afternoon, I am none the worse for wear. 1 nap and I'm fairly sluggish, 0 naps and I'm about as productive as dubya in times of crisis.

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