Saturday, February 21, 2009

Social Media Panel

Get Social Media? from JohnstonWells Public Relations on Vimeo.

I participated in this panel back in November hosted by the PR firm Johnston-Wells of Denver. These guys are at the forefront of helping companies figure out the new world of social media and "the why and how" of effectively participating in this powerful distributed world of consumer influence.

The event was well attended by local companies in the Denver front range community and highlighted the range of emotional embrace organizations have for social media, from outright fear to competitive advantage.

Friday, February 06, 2009


My mom just found one of the poems I wrote back in 1994 stuffed in a closet in an old notebook and sent it to me. Certainly a sign that it wanted to be published...

Animal hunger cessation
The stone stops
in mid flight
Looks up for instructions
then plummets
Through the evening sky
Through dusk
Through eternity
Curtsy and
The waves ripple
slowly towards shore
Overpowering current,
Nature disrupted in an instant
The stone, unaware and uncaring now
of its effect on the surface
lilts lazily from side to side
On its own path,
Its own luxurious ride
To the sandy deep.

Written November 25, 1994

copyright 2009 Tim Wolters

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