Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In blank spaces
in between the trees
where I've walked
with the secrets
of stones and creeks and grasses
only given to
insouciant passers by
on their way to death
with no time for anything but truth
with the trilling sound of worms
in chorus to meet each new day
filled with echos of laughter
we used to bring with us
in back packs and school lunch boxes
when we missed our mothers and fathers
long gone on roads of their own choosing
with blame
and convalescence just a phone call away
that never gets made
because we're so fucking wise to god's ways
and how the puzzles get played
into the darkness we'll go
amazed, amazed at how little we see
on these back roads, these side roads
so sure of salvation
and knowing
one beautiful day she'll come

copyright 2009 Tim Wolters

Friday, January 16, 2009

iGloves and ski runs

Just saw this posting today on ArsTechnica. I suppose the world needs an iGlove. After all there are huge numbers of iphone users living above 40 degrees latitude that need to keep their hands warm while texting or using the iFart application. Really? I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine about the comforts of heated steering wheels, so this doesn't seem outside of the realm of necessity at this particular moment. Perhaps the screen can be heated as well to provide further comfort for when that moment of co-dependent connectivity strikes in the bitter cold.

I guess I sort of feel like we've lost our way a little bit and become too attached to this virtual world and less cognizant of the immediate physical world floating near our sedate and corpulent lifestyles. I am so guilty. Yesterday I had a wonderful time skiing with a friend. No time for texting, twittering, friending, or following when careening down a black slope, edges committed to avoiding trees, bumps, other skiers and the occasional bare rock. I was waiting for a response from a request I had made and for the first two runs felt anxious and wanting to check my phone. This quickly melted away with the afternoon snow and later felt grateful for the physicality and leaving the digital behind if only for a time.

Now I'm back, online, and blogging away, and better, more clear headed from my digital respite. This new hyper-connectedness is great, but it's also great to take a break.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Boulder Twits

Just became aware of the BoulderTwits site. This is kind of a fun analysis of twitter interconnections in the Boulder area. There are a few people that I don't know listed here but not many! I will certainly remedy that.

I'm sorry Brad, I think Amy brought this to my attention before you did, but only because I missed your blog entry :(



just once yearling
rise above these eaves
escaping gravity
and soar through the heavens
grown deeper than imagination
to that place that never sleeps
and always plays
some song or other
on the wind
where laughter never fades
but sits in that moment
without care
alive and being

copyright 2009 Tim Wolters

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