Wednesday, December 03, 2008

VU Meter Flicker Sound

I have dozens of poems and not sure where to go about publishing them, so at risk of alienating the entrepreneur/technologist/socialmedia/triathlon crowd ;) perhaps I'll put a few here. Any and all feedback welcome.

A VU meter flickers.
Out of habit
I cannot walk
Or cry, or shout.
I can no longer
Walk along the deserts
Or tropics of your
In code we trust.
No longer taught
By the hands, the lips,
The bones of our elders.
Indeterminancy corrupts
The spirit yields
To non life forms
Now mobile and embedded
In our structures.
With prescient care she approaches
Wan and recently lost
From the umbilical pixels
Born anew into
Smooth and painful
Analog space.
Her hand now upon my chest
Exploring downward
Hoping for acceptance
Teeth bared I'm
Awakened Awakened
To this new world of old.

copyright 2008 Tim Wolters


Anonymous said...

I'm published 3x. Talked with my editor who will be happy to consider your poetry work. Martha Young aka on Twitter myoung_vbiz

Tim Wolters said...

great Martha. let's talk. shoot me an email at timwol (at) gmail and we'll coordinate

George said...

Hi Tim. I enjoyed your poem and would like to come back for another visit.

Tim Wolters said...

Thanks george. I'll continue to post some of these in the near future.

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