Sunday, May 06, 2007

24 on the rocks?

Has season 6 of the series 24 lost it's way? I think so. This season started out very strong, IMHO. About mid-way through though it wavered, bordering on soap opera drama. Jack's dad and brother are evil, although the dad seems too conflicted (guilt?) to kill Jack as cold bloodedly as he has his other son. The presidency is in constant turmoil now, with trysts and insider plots to kill the sitting president, while that president has now fallen back into a coma. ridiculous! Even Jack seems to have had a fling (or near fling) with his sister-in-law. Yuck! The crowning piece of dullness is bringing Audrey back from the dead as filler for the rest of the season. The writers have been very good in the past, but I'm not sure they're going to be able to dig themselves out of this hole.

My script for season 6 begins with Jack still in the chinese prison, but with no outside help over about 4-6 episodes figures out how to escape his captors (ala Prison Break). The next 17 or so episodes follow Jack's chaotic flight from China with increasing help from a subcast of previous season characters. The season ends with Jack back on American soil among friends and at peace. There are no nukes, no terrorists, just Jack mano y china. This would be a set up for a climactic series ending 7 where Jack dies a hero's death in a 2 hour finale thus properly ending his conflicted, tortured, heroic life.

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bfeld said...

Tim - I couldn't agree more. After diligently (and obsessively) watching 24 every week from the beginning, I haven't bothered showing up for the past two episodes. I'm done.

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