Saturday, June 23, 2007

Werewolves, bloggers, and robots

Got up this morning, to a new day of foo. I'm currently watching a girl walk across campus in front of the mess tent, her torn orange shirt and purple ribbons fluttering in the wind against her long black dreadlocks. Avi Bryant was sleeping outside of my hovel along with about 6 other people scattered about. He must have gotten here early because he got the primo couch position. I sneak out for a run using my Garmin 305 to track my pace. It's great running near sea level. I'm pushing 8:00 miles and hardly feel tired.

Last night was insane. It's an idea camp for startups or people who want to change the world. There's a cross pollination of people of all tech ilk, from biotech to social web, from robots to green energy. Life slows for these brief intense conversations like it does in the moments before a car crash, with intense focus and then moves on to the next thing.

so far I'm planning to attend discussions on:
There are so many others, including: social robotics, how drupal wil save the world, myths & truths about oil & electric cars, hacking the english language, and werewolf game theory.

Can you see the smile on my face?

Thanks for the invite Tim.

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Anonymous said...

Just don't eat any of the brown acid! Peeper

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