Friday, June 22, 2007

setting up camp

I finally made it through the North 101 traffic to arrive at Foo Camp 2007 in Sebastapol, CA. I figured that foo came from fubar, but didn't realize that it was a play on the previously held "bar" camps. Sebastapol is a mid-size town and since I only brought a sleeping bag thought I'd look around for somewhere to buy an air mattress to make my sleeping environment a bit softer. In luck I found a Rite-Aid with a $2.00 bright green mattress. Sweet. Took a while to get checked in, get the swag and ran into Chad Fowler while looking a bit lost. He helped me out directionally, we chatted a bit and then off to find some camping space. The campus is spread out with many areas off limits to camping. Lot's of people are camping outside in tents, but I'm not sure I trust either the bugs or late night partiers not to bite, sting, attack, trip over or spill known or unknown liquids upon, so I opt for inside. Many places are already spoken for, but I find a room off a hallway, barely more than a closet and set up camp. Woo hoo. I'm in. Not the Westin St Francis where I stayed last night, but it is somewhere to crash.

Off to fight the foo.


chromatic said...

Actually, Foo Camp came first. Bar Camp was the play on words.

Tim Wolters said...

Thanks for the correction Chromatic. I guess foo has been going on for sometime now. Is this like the 4th or 5th year?

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