Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Media Activity Monitoring

My last company was coined as Business Activity Monitoring or BAM by Gartner, the sages of Information Technology almost a year after we started. The current business that I founded in 2005 could use some naming standards as well. There are a lot of companies out there touching various aspects of this market that label themselves as Buzz Monitoring or WOM (word of mouth) monitoring or Vertical Search or Competitive Intelligence or Media Tracking or Brand Monitoring or Knowledge Management 2.0 or blah blah blah. Driving a standard naming convention removes the veil of market confusion driven by fragmented marketing messages. So, Gartner, Forrester, IDC and others if you are listening let's not wedge this area into one of the existing boxes. Also, this is much bigger than just calling it Buzz Monitoring. Instead, let's call it Media Activity Monitoring (tada, trumpets and such).

Media Activity Monitoring covers:

  • buzz monitoring - tracks the buzz about topics you care about
  • persistent search - finding new content on topics you care about when it happens
  • professional search - gives more weight to the rank of content your professional network cares about
  • personalized search - gives more weight to the rank of new content that you've cared about historically
  • meme identification - discovers concepts that are waxing and waning among conversations
  • maven monitoring - who are the key influencers (mavens) among the people talking about talking about topics you care about
  • pushes real time alerts to you when these things occur


Nathan Gilliatt said...


How about Social Media Analysis? (Ask Darren about the project.)

Tim Wolters said...

That could work too.

Nathan, sent me an email noting that I may be falling into a pattern. If my previous company was BAM and this company is MAM, my next two companies should be "Thank You" and WAM.

Very funny Nathan. :)

I also liked your study. Guerrilla marketing works!

pull your banner ads until google does a better job