Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Smart People, Great Views

We recently moved the company to downtown Boulder, right on the walking mall. This has been wonderful for the company in many ways: close to 10 great coffee shops, book store, people watching, outstanding restaurants, bike paths and walking trails, nice views of the flatirons, convenient to shopping to pick up those "I'm sorry I've been working so much" gifts on the way home, not to mention the hammered dulcimer player with the operatic voice. The list goes on and on, and it's just an incredible energy and morale booster for the company as a whole. But probably the biggest plus is the number of really great and really smart people less than a bagel toss away.

I was having a coffee the other day with a friend of mine, Sandy Keziah. Sandy's a great guy and knows a lot of people in the area, particularly if they have a marketing bent. At the coffee shop we ran into John Winsor, the CEO and founder of Radar. Oddly enough, I had never run into John before. I say, "oddly" because I run into the same people often enough that when I attend a local VC or entrepreneur associated event it feels like a small town rotary club meeting ("Hey bob, catch any fish this weekend?").

I sat down with John this morning for a cup of coffee at my new favorite caffeine injection facility (Alison's near the corner of 15th and Pearl) and had a wonderful exchange of ideas with John. John has a very interesting business background and has written a couple of books (which I'm now planning to read and can be found on his blog via the link above) around engaging your customers.

Sandy, thank you for the introduction and John thank you for sharing your thoughts this morning. I love working in Boulder.

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