Wednesday, October 25, 2006

landmark blogger case

Are bloggers protected under the same rights as journalists from being forced to reveal sources? Josh Wolf hopes the answer to that question will set him free. Josh was imprisoned more than two months ago in a California case involving protesters who burned a police car. Josh authors a video blog entitled The Revolution Will Be Televised. The government would like him to turn over his unedited tape to identify persons that may have been witnesses to the event. This should have strong repurcussions in the blogging community as authorities try to use the blogosphere to discover, track, and indict evil doers. If bloggers are not afforded the same protection as journalists, people will have to be much more careful about that which they blog.

The entire story can be read or heard on NPR.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Liz, Josh's mom. Thanks for writing about his story. The rumor that there was a police car burned is totally a rumor. The SFPD report shows the only damage to the car was a broken tail light! Be well.

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