Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Top Ten indicators you've just founded a startup company

  1. Your spouse's ulcer has started up again
  2. Your average night's sleep is about 4 hours
  3. You keep a notebook beside your bed to jot down all of those ideas that are keeping you up at night
  4. All of your breakfasts and lunches are taken up with "networking"
  5. When someone asks you a question that isn't about your new company, you respond with, "huh?"
  6. You begin to scrutinize *every* work expense to keep "burn" down
  7. You begin to categorize *every* personal expense as luxury or necessity
  8. A cap table is not a place to put your hat
  9. Friends and family with money begin avoiding you (j/k)
  10. You feel incredibly alive!

1 comment:

Graham Glass said...

Hmmm, sounds good for you, not so good for your spouse!

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