Tuesday, April 19, 2005

entrepeneurial bipolarity

"You seek a great fortune, you three who are now in chains. You will find a fortune, though it will not be the one you seek. But first... first you must travel a long and difficult road, a road fraught with peril. Mm-hmm. You shall see thangs, wonderful to tell. You shall see a... a cow... on the roof of a cotton house, ha. And, oh, so many startlements. I cannot tell you how long this road shall be, but fear not the obstacles in your path, for fate has vouchsafed your reward. Though the road may wind, yea, your hearts grow weary, still shall ye follow them, even unto your salvation." --Blind Seer from Oh Brother Where Art Thou

The road of entrepeneurship is indeed fraught with peril and there will be great lows and great highs. In the space of one week we've had one set of potential investors so excited about our idea that they've begun to move quickly to cement the relationship. Another set of potential investors who made 5x on a prior deal with me seem somewhat reticent.

One day you're up and the next day you're down. Keep your vision, your wits about you, and your sheer belief in the idea, team, and market, and *nothing* will keep you from your goal.

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Jim Lejeal said...

Amen brother.

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