Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Startup Formation Series

Ok, enough joking around. Now it's time to roll up the shirt sleeves and get to work. I recently left my cushy corporate job and started a new company. I'm not going to tell you about the new company (yet) though. What I want to talk about is company formation; all of the bits and pieces that go into creating a company and getting it off the ground. My proposed list of topics includes:

  • The Team
  • Logistics - from incorporation to payroll
  • The Idea
  • Funding
  • Forming a board
  • Cooking the business
That should be a good start, but feel free to ping me on other topic ideas.


Parkite said...

Outstanding........I am looking forward to following the series and learning something and hopefully contributing a thing or two via comments. Charge!

Derek Scruggs said...

Ditto what parkite said. Lately I've been focused on the importance of recruiting a team, so anything you can share there would be great. And maybe I'll see you at Cafe Sole sometime. :) (I live near 36 and Table Mesa.)

Ruchit Garg said...

Looking forward to have some wonderfull thought sharing by you.

I myself bugged downed by the entreprenuership bug lately.....

Brad Hugg said...


Great start. I'm just starting down the same path myself and I look forward to following your progress. Isn't it amazing how 4 hours of sleep is enough when you're charged and focussed?

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