Friday, February 16, 2007

whoa, did you see that big wave wash over the prow

I just saw my page views rise dramatically today (I'm currently using StatCounter). Many of these are coming from links posted on Brad Feld's blog. If any of you get a chance to work with Brad, he's one of the most knowledgable, level headed, and entrepreneur friendly VC's I've had the opportunity to befriend in this wacky world of the high tech startup. For entrepreneurs just getting started I would highly encourage you to look into TechStars just to get to know Brad and the other outstanding people associated.


Heidi said...

Hi, I am not from Brad Feld's blog. Am researching on rachet terms, anti-dilution, pre-money valuation and the like, did a google search and your blog came up. I am trying to understand the mechanics and reasons behind these to draft agreements. Looking forward to your fuller explanation and thanks for sharing.

Also, loved the retiring pilot ritual! Never heard that one before.

Tim Wolters said...


thanks for commenting. I'm covering liquidation prefs in tomorrow's entry. I'll try to cover some of the ones you mention in the coming couple of weeks.

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