Thursday, February 15, 2007

Travails of Travel

I was in New York the first part of this week and trying to get back home to Boulder yesterday for Valentines day. There was a snow/ice storm in New York and a snow storm in Denver. Most of the flights were being cancelled and they actually closed Laguardia down yesterday afternoon. Fortunately Boingo wireless is pretty good there so I was able to get some work done ... and watch CNBC on my SlingBox. A business partner asked me today how my flight went and I shot him the following email...

6 hours at the terminal
2.5 hours on the airplane at the gate
3.5 hours in the air
1 hour drive back to my house
getting home and at least spending a couple of hours with my family on valentines day - priceless

upside was that I met Dennis Hopper who was stuck on the same flight.

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redbarren said...

man 13 hours aaaagh. hope u had wifi !

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