Thursday, December 14, 2006


I just gave out SlingBox Pros to all of the employees at my company. It's always a fun thing to do and I get a kick out of picking out the gift each year and previewing it at home (to test its worthiness ;) before donning the Santa hat. It took me a little bit to get set up to work remotely, but once done, it works extremely slick. To those not in the know, the SlingBox location shifts your programming, so you can hook it up to your cable box, plug it into your router, and voila you can watch and control your cable from anywhere on the planet that you have connectivity. If you go the extra step of hooking to your Tivo (DVR) you are no longer constrained by time or space, just your television :)

Important safety tip: Comcast blocks port 5001 so I had to set up as 443.


Kevin Menzie said...

Wow! That's an awesome gift! Happy holidays, Tim.

Andrew Luter said...

Tim - when do the investors get theirs? ; )

Tim Wolters said...

when liquidity occurs of course!

pull your banner ads until google does a better job