Tuesday, August 08, 2006

50 million and counting

David Sifry of technorati just released some new blog stats from Technorati on the growth of blogs. I won't go into the details, you'll have to read for yourself here, and they are quite amazing. The central piece of information is that blogs are doubling on average every 200 days, which, if continued at that blistering pace, would put us at over 100 million post the new year (supposedly the same number of Bon Jovi fans in the universe, hmmmmm :).

It would be interesting to track these numbers against releases of new blog services. For instance I now have 6 blogs, 4 of which I post on. The most recent is a Vox blog from typepad which is currently an invite only beta right now, but as soon as it gets released more generally how many people will switch over and leave their old blog orphaned (but still counting towards the technorati doubling)?

Is the doubling number artificially inflated by people abandoning older blog platforms for the new shiny blog platform?

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