Sunday, March 27, 2005

Free your mind

One of the most useful tools I use day to day is an open source mind mapping tool named FreeMind. Mind mapping is a fairly simple concept that organizes your thoughts hierarchically. Once you get beyond seven or eight thoughts on a subject the mind needs to organize into levels of abstraction. FreeMind allows you to put some thoughts down and then start categorizing. You can easily move thoughts from one category to another, link them, and highlight them with icons. I highly recommend it. Download at the freemind sourceforge site and start mind mapping today!


Derek Scruggs said...

Sounds cool. My favorite tool right now is WikiPad. It combines the free-form, willy-nilly-ness of wikis with some really simple yet powerful categorization tools. I use it to manage my to-do list, projects and store some reference materials. I wrote a short post about it here.

Anonymous said...

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