Thursday, March 03, 2005

Boycott Starbucks!!

America's favorite latte' location doesn't get it. While most independent coffee shops provide free wireless access to their loyal customers Starbucks charges for their airwaves (or rather encourages T-Mobile to do so). While pumping that glorious coffee aroma into the neighborhood, the wireless transmissions that share the same airspace are restricted. Free wireless access would increase loyalty (or in Starbucks case, decrease attrition of the loyal base). I for one, will not support Starbucks any longer until they free their airwaves!! Starbucks, lift your head from the sand!

To find free hotspots in your area you can go to:

Here's a listing of free spots in the Boulder, CO area. My favorite spot is Cafe Sole in Superior. Great coffee, free wireless!

  • Boulder Public Library - 1000 Canyon Blvd. - (303) 441-3100
  • Buchanan's Coffee Pub - 1301 Pennsylvania Ave. - 303-440-0222
  • Cafe Bravo - 2425 Canyon Blvd # B
  • Cafe Sienna - 1 Boulder Plaza, 1801 13th St - 303-417-0168
  • Caffè Sole - South Boulder - 637R South Broadway - 303-499-2985
  • Camille's Sidewalk Café - 1710 Pearl St. - 303-440-9727
  • Conor O'Neill's Traditional Irish Pub - 1922 13th Street
  • Jet's Espressoria - 2116 B Pearl St
  • Pearl Street Mall - between Broadway and 13th Street along the mall
  • Pekoe Sip House - 1225 Alpine Avenue - 303-444-5953
  • Penny Lane Coffehouse - 1795 Pearl Street - (303)443-9516
  • RedFish restaurant / Jamaica Joe coffeeshop - 2027 13th St.
  • Tea Spot - 1801 13th St. Ste 170 - (303) 442-4TEA
  • The Painted Bean - 2500 30th St. - 303.444.4207
  • Traveller's Juice N Java - 1932 14th St.
  • Trident coffee and café - 940 Pearl St
  • Vic's coffee - 2680 Broadway St


Graham Glass said...

Hi Tim,

It is indeed a pain that they don't provide free wireless access. I used to go to Tryst in Adams Morgan, DC, and that was one of the main reasons I went. They were always packed. That being said, now I go to the Starbucks on M St, which is also always packed due its great location, and had to sign up to monthly T-Mobile in order to gain access. Sadly, there isn't any other coffee shop in my area that provides free access, so I'm stuck. The other thing that sucks is that my T-Mobile account doesn't work outside the US, so I have to cough up more cash when tapping into their network from, say, Heathrow airport.


Warren Roberts said...

Ya not to mention that their coffee sucks. They burn the beans to the point where they taste like boiled old shoes

Anonymous said...

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