Saturday, August 09, 2008

iphone subway music debacle

I'm ready to trade my iPhone 3G back for my old iPhone. It's slow, the native apps freeze up, the signal isn't as good. This one needs to go back in the oven for a while. My most recent "fun with the iPhone" occurred last Wednesday on a trip to New York City. I was staying on the upper west side around 96th street and needed to get downtown to Soho. I jumped on the subway, ran through the turnstile and got on the train. This was probably going to be about a 15 minute ride or so, so why not try out the new Tetris game on my iPhone I thought. I fired the app up, it got about mid-way through the opening credits and froze. I hit home. I hit the tetris app again. This time it got all the way through and as the first block started to trickle down froze once again. I hit the home key. This time, instead of going to the home screen it decided to pop into itunes and start randomly playing songs. And it was completely frozen. Couldn't turn it off, couldn't change the volume, couldn't change apps. It started off playing some Coltrane which the people traveling with me may not have minded, or so I imagined, but by the time I got to my destination it had switched to hard core Metallica. I had never hard reset my old iphone so tried a combination of buttons and nothing. I was pretty much stuck just covering the speaker ports. You might ask why I didn't plug in my headphones, but I didn't have them. I finally got to the office where I was headed, checked the internets and reset the damn thing. (wow, I really sound like a Luddite!)

Try again Apple!!

On the upside, I really dig the UrbanSpoon app. I haven't actually visited a restaurant yet that it recommends, but damn cool app.

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