Wednesday, January 09, 2008

coffee and marketing

I've been helping on the marketing front and as far as I can tell there are five primary components:

  1. Evangelism - If the market is not mature you need to create a value proposition that will resonate with buyers and educate the market. Note, this can take a while and is also why it is good to have competition. Didactic distribution.
  2. Positioning - Know your product vs what other people are selling, accentuate the differentiators using as many keywords as possible. Note, this can be over engineered.
  3. Landing - Build a compelling website and landing pages that are informative, appealing, and again, have lots of keywords. Design as a funnel to gravitate people towards certain pages that will result in a trackable lead.
  4. Analysis - analyze where people are coming from, how many leads each source generates, and the quality of those leads by how many translate into prospects and customers. Use this analysis to improve lead generation and lead quality.
  5. Coffee - Purely anecdotal but every good marketing person I talked to likes great coffee :)

Happy Marketing!

Coffee art courtesy of The Cup in Boulder

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