Wednesday, September 19, 2007

iphone envy

Was with a friend the other day and he was glowing about his iphone. Now he's had it for a while and was one of the Apple addicts who bought one on the initial release date but I consider him to be a fair critic and much more sales/design than tech focused. He was just glowing about how well it worked. Other people I've talked to in the past have questioned the "business" value and refused to give up their crackberries.

In about three minutes, my friend dispelled those questions, showing me the email app, calendaring, and voicemail/missed calls. The calls interface was extremely impressive. It would show the full contact information when a call came in. In a tap you could look up the callers address and directions and see any notes you had about that contact. In the voicemail app you could pause and restart, go directly to any voicemail in the queue and navigate by who had left you the voice mail. Insanely more efficient than any voicemail app I've used in the past. He also told me that sending an email from the iphone also shows up in the sent folder on his desktop, so they're completely synced.

I asked him about whether he liked switching to Cingular and he said the coverage was not nearly as good as Sprint but was definitely adequate and the switch was well worth it in productivity gains.

I'll be heading to the store soon.

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