Sunday, July 01, 2007

New bike

After accidentally running over my old Wheeler bike in the driveway, I thought it was high time to buy a new bike with lighter frame, good components, etc. And after trying out a bike made by Seven in a recent triathlon determined that I definitely needed to upgrade!

I tried a few bikes from Trek, Specialized, and Giant and decided on this one. It's a Giant OCR Limited Ed. from 2006. I guess they ran out of OCR2's and decided to do a limited run with the OCR3, upgrading the components to all Ultegra and new shiny paint job.

Anyway, picked it up on Friday and rode it today for the first time. Good speed and handles well in the corners. It's definitely a more comfortable ride than my Wheeler with the carbon frame softening the road shock. I'm going to have fun on this bike this summer :)


Rob Hyndman said...

gr8, but when do we get to see the whole bike? :)

Keith Pape said...

does running over your bike really work? I should have done that ages ago! i did a half ironman last year on a steel framed, 30lb road bike! i was afraid that if i had an 'accident' - i might be walking the whole thing!

: )

you're an inspiration to us all.

Tim Wolters said...

Running over your bike is a bit dicey, but if you're committed will yield good results ;)

I think doing the tri and posting a fairly good time with the new bike helped my argument as well...

The full story is that my daughter was playing in the garage and accidentally knocked my bike over. I have a steep driveway and was watching her and a neighbor playing as I approached the driveway. After driving part way up the driveway I started focusing on pulling the car into the garage but at that point, with the car angle fairly steep, couldn't see the bike laying on the garage floor. I crunched it pretty good and bent the frame.

result = new bike :)

Anonymous said...

If any of my triathletes I coach read this, they may try it on their old bikes; should you post a disclaimer? LOL
Can't wait to check it out, maybe next Sunday up to NCAR?
:) Jen

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