Monday, December 26, 2005

mac conversion #2

Checklist to get my Ruby and Rails apps up and running on the new mac:

  • Need Ruby 1.8.2. Done. ruby comes pre-installed on Mac OSX 10.4. There are some who recommend reloading from source, but for now I'm going with the installed version.
  • Install Rails. There is an installation package out there for Mac called Locomotive. This installs Rails, lighttpd with fastCGI, and SQLite. Locomotive is definitely a quickstart approach to getting rails going. Check out this blog entry for a broader explanation.
  • Install mysql and create local database. Load with initial data set.
  • Install the Mac Developer xcode package. This includes gcc, make, cvs, and a bunch of other stuff.
  • Need an editor environment. I have been using Arachno's Ruby IDE in windows (does better syntax hightlighting among other things than Eclipse) but doesn't currently have a Mac port. So after some research I decided to use TextMate . This has been highly recommended for developing in ruby for the Mac and is the defacto editor for the Locomotive env, so will try it out.
  • set up the VPN. To create a VPN connection go to applications - Internet Connect
  • Download existing code from cvs or subversion server
  • go to work!

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