Thursday, October 06, 2005

web 2.0

If any of you haven't caught up on the latest craze out there, it is web 2.0 (my appologies for the clarity of the Meme Map image. A better one can be found by the author at the previous link). Web 2.0 is service driven. It fulfills the needs of the long tail ( another link). It listens to the collective wisdom of information by collecting, transforming, analyzing, and summarizing. Web 2.0 encourages participation, knowing that it's strength grows with interactivity. Web 2.0 is more than a craze, it's the inevitable evolution of the web as it blends into our lives, making information more accessible and participatory.


cks said...

So have you managed to work any Web 2.0-ish aspects into your current company? Ideas like massive scaling via customer self-service apply only if you're going after a mass market, which seems counter to the traditional "own the niche" startup model.

celeritymatt said...

Hi Tim Wolters,
I'm working on a Chief SW Architect search for a mid-sized public company.

Please call or email me to discuss more details.

Matt Loera
408-377-1427 work

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