Wednesday, August 24, 2005

status update

We're now five months in and the baby is doing fine. We've grown from 2 to 7 people, raised startup capital, validated our approach, and written code to automate the collection, transformation, and analysis of market sentiment data. Our group has gelled and is now functioning as a team (we also just finished climbing a 14'er together, an annual tradition I've fostered at the last two companies). We've delivered 7 development iterations and met approximately 100 advisors, investors, prospects, and potential employees. We've also added two new languages (i'll blog on these later) to our arsenal that I believe will substantially increase productivity.

Yes, we've had hiccups along the way. These have had mostly to do with lack of resources where we've had to make due with less (for instance, in the first 3 months we were running development off of one server that included source control, database, and production software). None of our mistakes have been mortal however and we've been able to learn from them and move on.

The next two months will be critical as we complete the research on our second proof point and alpha test with a handful of customers. As you can tell we're very much development focused at this point. Things will begin to shift sometime in the first quarter of next year as we begin to gain sales traction.


Graham Glass said...

Congratulations Tim, it sounds like things are going very well! Cheers, Graham

Graham Glass said...

Congratulations Tim, it sounds like things are going very well! Cheers, Graham

An Investor said...

What types of users are you looking for to alpha test your product?

Tim Wolters said...

Dear investor,
quant based traders. We're marketing to long-short and event based hedge funds and welcoming feedback from funds or individuals alligned with those strategies.

Joe Miller said...

I may be getting ahead of you, but I'd love to read your take on pricing or the process of honing your pricing model.
- Joe

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tim I have been in the hedge fund business for the past decade and I think that we may be able to help each other. I am interested in learing more about what you are doing. Let me know if you are interested in speaking and give me a way to contact you.


Tim Wolters said...


I can be reached at


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