Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Startup Velocity

I had forgotten how fast you can move in a startup organization. Nix that. I had forgotten the feeling of how fast you do move in a startup. My new company, Collective Intellect has only been around for 4 weeks now. The idea is around providing a new set of indicators and analysis into the financial service industry. This idea has been brewing for some time but the accelerating force of leaving a paying job and working on it whole heartedly is incredible. It's like you've reached some terminal velocity and all of a sudden a magic wand is waved and drag drops to near zero.

In the space of these four weeks with a very small team we've made incredible progress.
  • incorporated
  • opened bank accounts
  • spoken with numerous pundits in the financial industry
  • validated the idea
  • put together "the pitch"
  • signed on industry expert advisors
  • had several meetings with prospects
  • spoken with about half a dozen venture capitalists
  • spoken with about two dozen "angels"
  • built out an entire subsystem for the product
  • midway through a fairly intensive research effort
  • mocked up the gui
  • designed logos
Terminal Velocity? Who needs it? :)

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